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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions governing access to the use of the GODATE site, owned by GODATE are regulated and interpreted based on the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
GODATE is a service for individuals who are adults and are not married to interact with each other online by using the application provided by GODATE, both on the GODATE site and other URLs, mobile applications, or other digital forms that display things the same and / or the same content as GODATE.
GO DATE is free, but your Internet provider’s or mobile operator’s fees and rates may still apply.
Conduct On GO DATE
BBy visiting and / or using the services and / or applications available on the WWW.GODATE website, you are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the GODATE Service. Terms and Conditions apply as agreement on the use of services between Site users and the owner and manager of the Site (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement").
In this Agreement the term "User" means an individual, both an Indonesian citizen and / or a foreign national, at least 17 years of age, not bound by marriage, never sentenced to prison based on a court decision that has permanent legal force, who accesses Site according to their needs.
GODATE is not responsible for the connection or hyperlinks (links) belonging to third parties that users include on the Site. With the appearance of third party links on the site, it does not mean that GODATE has a working relationship with these third parties. The contents of third party links are entirely the responsibility of these third parties.
GODATE does not guarantee that all third party contents are accurate, do not violate morality, valid or true, and are not responsible if the user considers that the contents of the third party can be trusted. In addition GODATE is not responsible for activities carried out by users and cannot be held accountable by anyone relating to losses suffered by other parties as a result of the user's actions.
GODATE is not responsible for what happens when you meet with a partner, GODATE is only a means to bring together MEN & WOMEN at a cafe to meet and chat
Terms Of Use
With regard to access to content and information in GODATE, by viewing the content on this Site, the user acknowledges that the user has read, understands and agrees to these Terms Of Use and the terms presented on this Site. If the user does not agree to these Terms Of Use, the user must immediately stop the user's access to and use of this Site.
GODATE can change these Terms Of Use at any time and from time to time without prior user specific notification. Any changes to these Terms Of Use will be effective immediately after posting changes to these Terms Of Use on the GODATE Site. The User agrees to review these Terms Of Use from time to time and agrees that any subsequent access to or use by the user of this Site follows the changes in the Terms Of Use and is considered as the user's agreement to all such changes.
You can become a GODATE user if you have fulfilled the Terms Of Use that GODATE provides as follows:
- You must be at least 17 years old to create an account on GODATE.
- No mental disorder or disorder.
- Not bound in a marriage.
- Do not aim to use a GODATE account for commercial or promotional purposes in any form.
If you are interested in becoming a member and utilizing the services available on the GODATE Site, please first read and understand these Terms Of Use, but if you cannot agree to the Terms Of Use, you are not permitted to visit the Site and or use GODATE Site services. .ID.
Age Limits
Users under the age of 17 are not permitted to use this Site.
Data Information
GODATE has created a personal data privacy policy that explains how information collected about you is collected, used and stored. Use of GODATE by you expresses acknowledgment and approval of privacy policies of personal data. You also acknowledge and agree that GODATE may use your personal information without prior approval in accordance with what is described in GODATE Personal Data Information.
Information Personal data about you is not collected unless you specifically provide it to GODATE, including but not limited to when you send your email address for communication purposes, photos on the GODATE website. By providing, providing, sending and / or uploading these materials on the GODATE website, you agree that you are fully responsible for all user content (as defined in the following sentence). "User Content" means the content or information of any data, information and / or media, including but not limited to: letters, emails or other messages, user reviews, content ratings, data, records, testimonials, images, files audio or video, and software (software) .You can only send, provide and / or upload User Content that is yours or where you have or have been given written rights by the owner to send, give and / or upload it.
GODATE reserves the right to at any time review your profile and communication on this site to determine whether you comply with these Terms Of Use, including but not limited to reports of violations of these Terms Of Use. GODATE has no obligation or responsibility for the contents of your communications that you post, upload or send to this site and / or with other users on this site, and / or for any errors or violations of law or regulation by you. GODATE will comply with a court order or other authorized agency to reveal the identity of all parties who post, upload and / or send communications on this site for the sake of investigation and / or legal interest.
Any form of communication from you to this Site and / or to other users, including but not limited to comments, questions, e-mails, entries and / or responses, will be deemed not confidential and not private property. You agree that you have released, irrevocably, any copyright and / or other Intellectual Property Rights for each of the communications submitted to GODATE. GODATE has the full right to the communication, including but not limited to the right to use or disclose the communication, for any purpose, without your prior and / or written approval or compensation to you.
GODATE is not responsible for the truth, accuracy and / or legality of communication.
GODATE provides a feature where you and other users can communicate to this site and / or communicate to other users, does not mean GODATE supports, and or approves all communications posted, uploaded or sent by you or other users that. GODATE is not obliged to filter out all communications posted on GODATE, uploaded or sent by users of the GODATE Site. You agree not to post, upload, transmit or submit communications that are unlawful, abusive, offensive, sexually oriented, obscene, defamatory, harassing, indecent, indecent and / or SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and Group) ), in any form, including but not limited to communications that violate the law or violate the rights of third parties. You agree that you are fully responsible for the content of your communication and the legality of it.
Access Termination
GODATE can at any time without prior notice, limit and / or terminate, either temporarily or permanently, your access to this Site. You agree not to blame GODATE for the termination and GODATE is not responsible for the termination of access.
Intellectual property rights
GODATE is the sole owner or legal holder of all Intellectual Property Rights on the Site and the material therein, other than information or other material produced or promoted by users on the Site. Intellectual Property Rights on the Site and its contents are held by GODATE.
All Intellectual Property Rights contained on the GODATE website, including but not limited to the trademarks, service marks and logos of GODATE and the content containing the copyright of this Site belong to GODATE. You do not have the right to use the trademark or copyright without prior written approval from GODATE.
The User has agreed to allow GODATE to announce and reproduce any information or material belonging to users on the site for site promotion purposes in various media, without license fees, indefinitely, and throughout the world.
Liability Limitation
GODATE's obligations are limited to the provision of the Site. GODATE does not recommend, support, represent or guarantee the truth, accuracy, and confidence of any information displayed through the Site or support certain opinions distributed through the Site.
All forms of losses due to the actions of users who violate this agreement are entirely the responsibility of the user where the user frees and covers GODATE entirely from the demands of the aggrieved parties.
All information posted on GODATE is the responsibility of the person or people who post the message. Any user who violates the Terms Of Use can be forever banned from using GODATE. You understand that all posts, advertisements, messages, photos, images, text, or all communications displayed, or sent through, or connected via GODATE, are fully the responsibility of the person who initially disseminated the communication. You understand that GODATE does not control, and is not responsible for content available on GODATE. You agree that GODATE does not filter, monitor or approve any content, but GODATE will have rights, but not a requirement to delete, move (including moving content or posting to other parts), refuse, change or delete any communication for any reason.
GODATE will not be responsible for the interaction between you and other GODATE users. Your relationship with others through GODATE is pure between you and the party. Under no circumstances, GODATE will not be responsible for any goods, services, resources or content available through relationship or communication with the third party, or for any kind of accident or loss or damage related to it. GODATE has no obligation to engage in any form of dispute between you and other users of GODATE or between you and other third parties.
You agree that the GODATE service is a service for GODATE users. In the event of a dispute between you and one of the GODATE Users, you agree that GODATE has no obligation whatsoever to be involved in the matter. You also agree to release GODATE from all and all claims, claims and losses arising from or in connection with the dispute.
Information, services and products presented to you on this Site may have errors and may be interrupted at any time. Although GODATE always tries its best to maintain information, services and products offered in GODATE, GODATE will not be responsible for any errors, defects, loss of any consequential consequential losses or losses that occur due to the use of GODATE.
You are fully responsible for any content that is posted and also any content posted through your account.
The relationship between GODATE and User is an independent relationship and there is no agency relationship, partnership, joint venture, employee-company or franchisor-franchisee that will be made or made with this Agreement.
These Terms Of Use underlie all agreements between you and GODATE and govern the use of GODATE by you, replacing any prior agreement that has existed between you and GODATE. Article titles in these Terms Of Use are only used for convenience and do not have legal or contractual effects.
GODATE's failure to apply a right or provision in these Terms Of Use will not be considered as the release of such rights or conditions unless recognized and approved by GODATE.
If you are not satisfied with GODATE, or any part of GODATE, or do not agree to these Terms Of Use, the only way out and solving the problem is to stop using and / or access GODATE. You agree to waive the right to file any claim including lawsuits for your dissatisfaction
If you find a violation of the Terms Of Use done by GODATE Users, please report the violation to contact.

If you have questions about these Terms Of Use and / or want to report about violations of these Terms Of Use by users, please contact the administrator at contact.
This Privacy Policy describes how information about you is collected, used and disclosed while protecting the information you provide to GODATE. when you use GODATE, mobile applications and other online products and services or when you interact with us. We appreciate your trust in GODATE. Therefore we strive to put the highest standards in maintaining transaction security and user information privacy.
User Personal Data Information
GODATE will not share User information with other organizations, other than related companies and third parties that deal directly with GODATE. Personal information collected online will only be shared within our company only for internal purposes and data collection for GODATE Users.
In certain circumstances, GODATE may open the User's personal information, such as when there are reasons or circumstances in which information is needed to prevent threats, or for law enforcement needs.
GODATE is committed to complying with the laws in force in the State of Indonesia. We have the prerogative to delete users if they are considered to violate the rules in GODATE or jeopardize the security of other Users.
Every information the User provides to GODATE is protected and secure. Nonetheless, it is necessary to inform the User that GODATE does not guarantee the confidentiality of the data information that the User submits in the case of other parties in a manner that violates the law and / or does not refer to the provisions that are enforced in an effort to obtain the User's information and / or data without the user's knowledge.
Privacy Policy
GODATE truly respects the privacy of the User and our Privacy Policy, which details how GODATE uses User data, hereby incorporated into the Terms of use reference. Please read the policy carefully for information related to the use of the Service.
Cookies are small files that automatically take place in the user's computer device, to identify and monitor the user's network connection, allowing users to access services from GODATE optimally.
These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing information and / or other data that the User has on a user's computer device, other than those that the User has agreed to submit when carrying out registration.
Applicable law
The Terms Of Use in this Privacy Policy are subject to the law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
We reserve the right to modify, revise or update this Privacy Policy based on our policy solely without prior notice. After the changes, the changes will be applied. If the User uses GODATE after the Amendment, the User is deemed to have approved the Amendment without reservation.